Become HKMSPU's Member

Membership eligibility
We are welcoming all the individuals who are the residents of Hong Kong and employed in the marketing and sales field, which job function includes but not limited to the following examples. Marketing Communication, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Public Relations, Trade Marketing, Sales Management, Key Account Management, Brand Management, Event Management, Product Marketing and Sales etc. The membership eligibility is subject to the HKMSPU constitution, and HKMSPU reserves the right of the final decision.

Annual fee
Initiation Enrollment :HKD $200 / Annual + HKD $50 / One-off Entrance fee (Total $250)
For an extended session, only pay for annual fees. If you stop to extend your membership, please register again.
(Membership is from each 1 April to next year 31 Mar)

Copy of the Documents to be submitted
- Your business card, or
- Documents, such as letters, employment certificate or salary certificate, or
- Staff card

Application Procedure
1) Prepare your documents which are mentioned in the following section in digital format (Will apply to this application form) and complete the application form.
2) HKMSPU will verify your application, and the payment method will send you through email after the verification process. 
3) After you settled the payment, please keep your official receipt as a temporary membership identification.
4) Afterwards, you will receive an official confirmation email with your membership number.
*Please also check your junk mail folder for ensuring you can receive the confirmation email within ten days. If not, please contact us for our assistant by email with your full name and phone number.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

*The collected personal data will be kept confidential and will only be used for analysis, promotion and improvement of services by HKMSPU.

Welcome to HKMSPU

Part A - Personal Information
Part B - Employment Information

Upload Employment proof (Attachment)

Include but not limited to the example below:
1. Company Business Card with your name, current company and title; or
2. Documents, such as letters, employment certificate or salary certificate, issued by your current company within the past three months, indicating your name and title (information except your name, current company name and chop, job title, and date, can be hidden); or
3. Staff card, indicating your name, title and company name.

Part C - Other

Sorry, applicant must be a full-time worker.